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Mushrooms can stir a whole lot of things. From causing decaying trees to adding flavor to soups to being a launch pad to a deeper experience that can be wild and strong. Magic mushrooms that have psilocybin are simply called shrooms and are among the best substances that individuals can leverage for redefining their perspective […]

Lilith is an astute therapist in Colorado with a thriving profession and for the outside onlooker, she had all and was set to go. Unknown to most. Lilith had an imbalance and it was her internal coordination and how her outlook on life depreciated— depression was evident. In her professional journey, she began looking for […]

There has been a great buzz recently about psilocybin. All of these are due to their flaunted medicinal benefits. But what’s this about??  Find out in this article  PSILOCYBIN REVIEW Psilocybin-containing mushrooms (magic mushrooms) have been used to generate psychedelic effects for at least a thousand years. They were heavily used in North America, Central […]