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The hazards involved with obtaining lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) are greater than those associated with getting other drugs since it is banned in practically every country in the globe. We do not support or encourage lawbreaking, but we recognize that consenting adults take part in criminal activities in nonviolent ways on occasion. The “simply say […]

Lilith is an astute therapist in Colorado with a thriving profession and for the outside onlooker, she had all and was set to go. Unknown to most. Lilith had an imbalance and it was her internal coordination and how her outlook on life depreciated— depression was evident. In her professional journey, she began looking for […]

Colorful swirls, crazy patterns, rhythmic grooves, and alien landscapes. These are among the top things that most people think of when they consider psychedelics. The fashion and culture of the 1960s were affected by the popularity of psychoactive drugs unlike any other period in our history; the vibrant colors, patterns, and hairstyles of that era […]