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Schwifty Labs is dedicated to providing fair and rigorous reporting by leading experts and Journalists in the psychedelic field. Rumor has it that the city is experiencing a psychedelic rebirth. Many years after researchers first observed that lysergide and magic mushrooms could extend the psyche and potentially heal, the stigma surrounding the psychedelic drug is […]

The hazards involved with obtaining lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) are greater than those associated with getting other drugs since it is banned in practically every country in the globe. We do not support or encourage lawbreaking, but we recognize that consenting adults take part in criminal activities in nonviolent ways on occasion. The “simply say […]

Mushrooms can stir a whole lot of things. From causing decaying trees to adding flavor to soups to being a launch pad to a deeper experience that can be wild and strong. Magic mushrooms that have psilocybin are simply called shrooms and are among the best substances that individuals can leverage for redefining their perspective […]