12 Best Things to Do On Shrooms

Mushrooms can stir a whole lot of things. From causing decaying trees to adding flavor to soups to being a launch pad to a deeper experience that can be wild and strong. Magic mushrooms that have psilocybin are simply called shrooms and are among the best substances that individuals can leverage for redefining their perspective of the external world. How then do we maximize such potency and untold possibilities? Well, you can do so many things, however, we have helped refine your focus to this selected few.

In historical cultures and communities where mushrooms are common, the psychedelic experience has been contained in rituals and certain traditions to guide the start, the peak, and the comedown periods. For those who do not have entry to those rituals or customs, tripping codes have been formulated with the help of some psychonauts on the possible means to glide through the psychedelic trip with the potential for healing and harmony.

The Best Things to Do on Shrooms

Shrooms indeed make any activity very interesting. On the flip, some activities vibe more with Shrooms than others. There are fun activities that you may want to explore while shrooming and we have listed about 12 of them for your exploration. Meanwhile, you shouldn’t attempt to do them beyond what you can handle. Driving is also prohibited while tripping on Shrooms. Psychonauts have a mantra that says, “start low while progressing gradually”. 

You should be assured of your set (your internal coordination like the emotions, mindset, and perceptions), and your setting (which is the external environment) as they play a pivotal role during your trip experience. This list is however not comprehensive, you can explore the Reddit community for more fun activities.

Lie Down on the Earth

Nature is a very great source of inspiration when shrooming. Perhaps you started inside the house, you could notice that you are gradually finding your way outside. Shrooms are quite good with meditations and have a wonderful effect when adventure is suspended and there is a reckless abandon to the earth. At night, you may find yourself stargazing and seeing patterns in the sky that inspire you.

Listen to Psychedelic Music

There is much music around and interestingly, Shrooms have made a huge impact on both musicians and music fans for several decades. Jefferson Airplane has some psychedelic music that regulates your mood and gives you the right vibe while tripping or the Beatles’ psychedelic music collections. Music and songs in all genres can fit as intrinsically, they reveal more underneath. A Spotify collection has been made which consists of instrumentals that are not able to enhance the therapeutic effect of the psilocybin experience.

Paint With Watercolors

Shrooming can spur creativity beyond the familiar. You are more conscious of the things you see; you think about them and even recognize things that you may have walked past in a hurry. Having a drawing material is very handy to channel and make representations of the things you are seeing. Sometimes, paintings could be an easy way to reveal your experience.

Drink Some Tea

eating while tripping may be real-time work, as it is advised to take solid food some hours before the trip. Water is very vital (remember the set), and tea could be more beneficial. When shrooming, soft tones and sweet fragrances carry an entourage effect and are appealing to the senses. Nausea and perhaps, indigestion can be handled with the help of ginger tea while green tea may help with sharp focus and mental alertness. Lavender too is helpful as other tea versions for winding down.

Contemplate the Unknown

Well, you do not have a choice here. You may find yourself doing it whether pre-meditated or not. Some give reports of having spiritual conversations like a talk with God or seeing a loved one who passed on a while ago. Most of their feelings cannot be spelled out with words, and their worldview changes drastically. You may want to jot the experience and think about them later.

Call the Fireside Project

There is trained peer support should you find yourself tripping with friends outside of your home. You can simply reach out to peer support who are equipped to guide you through any stage of the trip experience. It doesn’t matter what you want to talk about, you can always have them. After the trip, you may want to talk with them, and that’s possible! Their job also entails integrating the individual back after the whole experience is ended.

Hug a Tree

You will find a tree fascinating when you are tripping around it. You may want to explore it or even give it a big hug. You will be aware of the source of that inspiration, you will. Everything comes alive and on the same page with you when you shroom, plants, and trees alike are observed as to be breathing— they actually do. You could find solace in an old tree that you are very familiar with and want to show affection to. If safety is assured, you can climb trees.


Shrooms make several things possible and one of such is the ability to meditate even while engaging in a reverse activity like listening to music, or dancing. Shrooms heighten your sense of observation and narrow your attention making you present in your body. Psychonauts have explored meditation as an easy route to unveiling the happiness and excitement that LSD gave them initially. You should explore your mind and its possibilities.

Take a Bath

Several things can be done in a single trip experience, however, doing them all at once can be too much. Everything is going on very fast, with intense color variations and aches all around the muscles. A simple way out is to get into your bathroom, fill your bathtub if necessary, and take fun in the waters. The experience is like re-entering the womb to everything we enjoyed before being born. Further tips would be that you add Epsom salts, essential oils, and scent candles.

Walk Barefoot

Your feet can greatly help you in exploring the earth beneath you especially when you go hiking. Well, for those who are not so used to walking barefoot, it is advised not to steer clear of doing so while tripping. Walking barefoot will help you have a tingling feeling around your legs that ends refreshing signals to the brain. Your mind becomes more aware of the underneath soil and processes new thoughts.

Hit the Club

After the COVID-19 period, an increasing number of individuals have been using low doses of mushrooms to do wonders on the dance floor. Shrooms have a way of making dancing totalitarian; involving the whole body and self-consciousness. You are lost in the beats but yet found in yourself with the blaring speakers sending beats that put you on a dancing pedestal. While the crowd in a social gathering can be a turn-off for some, for others it is the switch that turns on the light— the night is made.

Acknowledge and Embrace Your Mortality

Hypothesis and theories have been tendered on Shrooms as a means to helping an individual face his fear of the unknown or death. Whether in higher doses or moderate one, shrooms can spark up what is known as ego death— a terrifying, translational experience. Reports have come that showed that most shroomers often experience moments of intense feeling that “this life” will surely end and there is nothing to fear about it.

Shrooms bring you into a whole new experience and usher in an overwhelming sense of self, subtlety, frailty, and mortality. Beyond that, the experience helps you find rest in your discoveries and reduces anxiety. Psychonauts who have embraced their mortality recommend shrooms for people who are afraid of death or the unknown.


The shroom and other psychedelic trip experience can be best maximized when the individual engages in some fun-filled activities that increase their sense of awareness and environmental consciousness. It facilitates living in the present while at rest with whatsoever feeling that comes.

On the flip, it is advised that you start on lower doses and explore what you can handle safely, and increase the dose if necessary. For newbies, getting trip sitters can be very advantageous as they will serve as guides through the trip experience.


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