12 things to do while tripping

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Rumor has it that the city is experiencing a psychedelic rebirth. Many years after researchers first observed that lysergide and magic mushrooms could extend the psyche and potentially heal, the stigma surrounding the psychedelic drug is beginning to be lifted(Although earliest cultures knew about the power of magic mushrooms long before that). The ban removed from it has permitted further clinical research on it.

Of course, most people use hallucinogens alone or with friends out of preference or need. It is still largely illegal and most of us have no access to proprietary clinical trials or expensive new treatments. The psychedelic rebirth is changing public perceptions and expanding consciousness. When it comes to experiencing the wonders and breakthroughs promised by acid and shrooms, we do it the old-fashioned way which is in the bedroom, in the backyard, and outdoors.

Fun things to do while tripping

Psychonauts have a long tradition of sharing tips and tricks for maximizing the potential of your psychedelic journey and avoiding common pitfalls (“Don’t look in the mirror” is a common urban myth). Below are some ideas of things to do while traveling. Don’t attempt any of these things outside of what you can normally do safely. Do not drive anywhere while tripping.

Most Psychonauts follow the motto “Start low, go slow.” Your “set” and “setting” will greatly affect how your trip unfolds. Your “set” is your way of thinking—your inner feelings, beliefs, and perceptions. Your “setting” describes your physical environment. Travel only in comfortable surroundings. You can always look for more fun things to do while tripping across Reddit, Quora and Pininterest. Finally, many hallucinogens remain illegal in most places, so you should always be aware of your local laws before acquiring hallucinogens.

Stated below are 12 fun things to try while tripping.

Lay in the sun

Daytime trips are often recommended for those new to hallucinogens. There are other things to see and with natural remedies like mushrooms, perhaps outside will feel like the place. If the season allows, try the sun – your heightened senses can feel it doing photosynthesis and converting sunlight into energy. Psychedelic lying is also a great way to let go and unfold your inner processes. Don’t forget your sunscreen. Don’t forget to hydrate!

Do gentle yoga

One of the most beautiful things about hallucinogens is how it reveals the unity of mind and body. What happens to one seems to have an immediate effect on the other. A great way to explore the calming and healing potential of this connection is to lie down on a yoga mat and perform a few poses. You can learn about the world inside. If you’re new to yoga or need some guidance, try a class on a free YouTube channel such as the world-famous Yoga With Adrienne.

Go to the museum

This is only recommended for low dose travel, often referred to as “museum dose”. For many people, hallucinogens don’t go well with strangers, and traveling there can pose a safety risk. The museum is a great place to expand your awareness while using hallucinogens. Whether you’re delving into the miniature of a work of art (as Aldous Huxley did with mescaline in his The Doors of Perception) or learning about crystals at the Museum of Natural History, it will surely give you a lot of new inspiration. Bringing a babysitter is recommended.

Take tea

Sour foods and mushrooms can be strangely appetizing, so it’s best to eat them in advance. Still, hydration is key and the properties and aromas of a nice, light tea can be just the ticket. Ginger tea can help ease the stomach discomfort associated with the appearance of mushrooms while chamomile and lavender can help. It helps offset the anxiety some people experience with LSD. Apart from these uses, tea has historically been celebrated as a sensory experience.

Connect with your artistic side

Hallucinogens are known for their ability to inspire and unleash creativity. Your mind works unusually, so grab a piece of paper and a pen or marker and be ready to capture inspiration when it strikes. Doodle your hands and see what shapes and forms emerge. Put your thoughts into words so that you can come back later and sort them by “great”, “interesting”, or “don’t make sense”. Some people like to color books or draw what they see. After all, you’re on a journey. Try creating something beautiful.

Stay busy with a game

Games played on boards, video games and puzzles are game ideas. There are so many games that you can play and have fun if you put your mind in it. Pretending to play with friends may delight you, or video games can take you in a beautiful world. Please prepare an analog option of your preferred game.

Search for patterns

Psychedelic patterns can appear whether you plan for it or not. These drugs have a dazzling tendency to reveal the beauty and complexity of everything we see. What is the character you see? Are the pebbles under your feet changing in shape? The stars at night exhibit unexpected symmetry, but the artist must discover art in the bowl of trail mix.

Call the Fireside Project

If you or a friend needs additional assistance, please call or text the Fireside Project at 62-FIRESIDE (623-473-7433). Fireside offers peer support volunteers to help you on a challenging psychedelic trip. Volunteers are well equipped to guide you through all aspects of your psychedelic journey, whether you’re having a dark moment or just want to share your joy. You can also call Age-matched volunteers to assist with integration, processing, and learning after the psychedelic experience is over.

Consider the unknown

Similar to looking at patterns, you might do this regardless of your intentions. Hallucinogens are sometimes called entheogens (that is, “creating the god within”). This means that your brain (usually the one obsessed with money and deadlines) completely switches under the influence of hallucinogens. Most journeys do not involve all-consuming “hallucinations,” but they can generate thoughts and awareness that change the way you view death, God, and life itself.

Sit by the fire

Most hallucinogens sharpen our senses. Under the right conditions, it can renew our connection with the natural world. The sound of flowing water is soothing. The breeze cools. The feeling of the earth underfoot is grounded, but nothing dances like fire. If you’re camping or in your backyard, you may have access to a pit where you can safely build a fire and enjoy psychedelic images revealing the beauty of what we usually take for granted and bringing us closer to life’s purest pleasures.

Unite with friends

We all know that laughter is contagious, but laughter can be even more contagious if you’re open-minded to the joy that tripping can bring. Traveling alone has many benefits, but having a trusted friend by your side can help you get out of your head and open up new possibilities for your experience. You may play recurring characters, experiment with accents, or inadvertently come up with new puns. When words get tough, you and your fellow travelers may find yourself enjoying all sorts of crazy imagery but it can leave your friends unsettled or left out. Therefore, it is not recommended to laugh at your friends.

Watch videos on YouTube

Fire, bright sun and a twinkling night sky are all wonderful things, but they aren’t always accessible. If you stumble into it, the magic of the internet can show you all this and more. We advise you to watch ultra-high-definition videos captured from trains traversing countries and landscapes, including cherry blossoms in full bloom. You can also watch music videos and nature documentaries, or type “psychedelic images” to see what you find.


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