Can psychedelics boost your creativity?

Colorful swirls, crazy patterns, rhythmic grooves, and alien landscapes. These are among the top things that most people think of when they consider psychedelics.

The fashion and culture of the 1960s were affected by the popularity of psychoactive drugs unlike any other period in our history; the vibrant colors, patterns, and hairstyles of that era stand out in our otherwise dreary modern chronology.

The list of bands that have been impacted by psychedelics might go on and on, but some of the more well-known names include Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles.

Methylphenidate and lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) had a profound effect on Aldous Huxley’s writings, which continue to have a significant impact on society. Steve Jobs stated that taking LSD in college was “one of the two or three most essential things that I’ve done.” The developer of the biomolecular technology that has transformed medical research, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), said that LSD provided him with the intuition necessary to make the groundbreaking discovery. LSD, mescaline, psilocybin, and DMT are just some of the substances that have been used for decades by creative types such as authors, architects, artists, and businesspeople to spark their imagination.

Microdosing with psychedelics enables busy workers to continue with their regular tasks, but with a creative and energetic boost that can aid in problem-solving, startup ideas, inspiration, and insight.

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In a post-industrial society that relies more on new ideas than on new kinds of production, corporate innovation will continue to be highly appreciated.

Excellent anecdotes, but where is the evidence?

Attempts have been made to rigorously explore the influence of psychoactive drugs on creativity, but thus far the results have been unsurprisingly contentious. It is difficult to research creativity using a scientific technique since creativity is an abstract and subjective concept with varying meanings for various people.

The most intriguing of the experiments that have sought to quantify creativity was conducted in the 1960s by a group exploring the hallucinogenic mescaline. A group of 27 males were administered mescaline and requested to examine a difficulty they are now encountering at work. Before the test, many of the issues had been occurring for months. Although this is not a highly scientific metric, practically all of the individuals discovered solutions to their difficulties or new paths of inquiry after taking mescaline.

Recently, the innovative Beckley Foundation published a research exploring the function of the hallucinogenic beverage ayahuasca in enhancing creativity. Before and after an ayahuasca session, a total of 26 individuals completed two established creativity assessments. One of the tests revealed that individuals were considerably more likely to be ‘divergently’ thinking throughout their ayahuasca experience, which is a style of thought associated with creativity.

However, How Do Psychedelics Increase Creativity?

Is it possible that we now know how psychedelics could increase creativity in the brain, given all the anecdotal and semi-scientific data around psychedelics and the creative process?

Unfortunately, our brains lack a part dubbed the “creativity cortex” that can be toggled on and off. However, many neuroscientists concur that creativity necessitates an increase in divergent thinking, or “thinking beyond the box.”

Divergent thinking entails generating uncommon or novel associations between concepts, allowing us to find fresh solutions to problems or create beautiful art.

This year, another UCL study revealed that a modest amount of LSD boosted people’s association thinking, making it more difficult to distinguish between identical things. This suggests that the psychedelic helped participants establish connections between items that we normally keep distinct, maybe allowing us to “think outside of the box.”

This ground-breaking study, financed by the Beckley Foundation, demonstrates that psychedelics enhance the disorder in your brain, allowing for the formation of new, unique connections and linking parts of the brain that ordinarily remain separate. It is possible that this is the fundamental mechanism through which psychedelics affect creativity.

Although we have only scratched the surface of how psychedelics operate in our brains, it is evident that they have a remarkable effect on the way we think.

Micro Or Macro Dose?

Now that you know about the effects of psychedelics and the fact that you can buy psychedelics in Canada from Schwifty Labs, the important question of the dosage needs to be asked.

It seems evident that a high-dose, day-long, reality-warping LSD trip would yield unique visions and sensations that may inspire art or lifestyle changes; yet, it would be impractical for an entrepreneur seeking fresh company ideas to engage in such an experience repeatedly. In the improper context, high dosages of psychedelics may entail the danger of traumatic experiences.

Microdosing may provide a novel technique to increase your creativity without requiring a drastic transformation.

It implies that occupied individuals may continue to go to work and perform normally, but with a slight increase in productivity and insight.

But if you are an artist seeking your next source of inspiration, the larger dose may be for you!

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How can psychedelics influence our notion of originality? Is creativity a resource that everyone possesses and can be adjusted like a volume dial? Imagine if artists were excluded from competitions for utilizing medicines that enhance creativity. The notion that creativity is only determined by our DNA may rapidly become outmoded.

There is little doubt that psychoactive substances will become a standard commercial practice. Less emphasis is placed on industry and production, and more on marketing and innovation. As the world grows increasingly reliant on broader kinds of thought, psychedelics will emerge as the indispensable economic resource.

We believe that psychedelics will eventually be recognized by modern society as actual mind-expanding substances, whether it’s composers taking LSD on a full-blown psychedelic adventure for songwriting inspiration or the ordinary entrepreneur taking a modest dosage of magic mushrooms with their daily coffee.

We do not believe that the advantages will be limited to creativity; rather, we believe that psychoactive substances will begin to alter the world in a much larger sense. As creative enhancers, psychedelics will pave the way for a happier, more cohesive society.


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