Psilocybin Tolerance

There has been a great buzz recently about psilocybin. All of these are due to their flaunted medicinal benefits. But what’s this about??  Find out in this article


Psilocybin-containing mushrooms (magic mushrooms) have been used to generate psychedelic effects for at least a thousand years. They were heavily used in North America, Central America, and other regions of the world for ritual and medicinal purposes. Although at one point in the history of the use of mushrooms, it was recorded that the Spanish colonization of the 16th century proscribed Mushrooms. But this ban did not deter people from using them.

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Hundreds of years after the colonial ban of Psilocybin Mushrooms in the Americas, Gordon Wasson who was the VP of JP Morgan began promoting the use of these mushrooms (1957), this was done using Time magazine. He used the platform to express his experience with psychedelic mushrooms. This caused a rise in interest in the United States. Sooner than later, a series of studies and research began in North America. Many began to believe in the beneficial effect of magic mushroom increased. And this was how the psychedelic movement began.

 The result of the push of the 1980s and 1990s has seemed to yield results in the 21st-century world. Because currently, there isn’t much stigmatization associated with psilocybin. And we are seeing a renewed push to adopt them as normal medicinal products. The FDA and DEA have given provisional permission to some select individuals to carry out studies on these Psilocybin Mushrooms. Many people see the application of these Mushrooms in the treatment of depression and anxiety and thus there is so much expectation.


Tolerance is a pharmacological concept that tends to explain why the effect and the efficacy of drugs diminish after successive use. This means after some time, more dosage would be required to elicit an adequate effect on the body.

 Tolerance is a body’s response to drugs or any pharmacological agent. It is a form of adaptation. It affects about 35 million worldwide. With the tolerance of Psilocybin, it could be used to break addictions. This is because Psilocybin induces an effect called tachyphylaxis. This happens when it is converted to its active form. Usually, a pharmacological agent has to be converted to its active form to exert a general body effect. For Psilocybin, the active form is Psilocin. The liver plays a key role in this conversion.

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After the conversion, Psilocin passes through the blood-brain barrier.  It activates a powerful serotonin receptor around the frontal lobe of the brain. The serotonin receptor thought to be activated is the 5-HT2A. It is believed that available Psilocin in the blood engages the receptor and leaves other receptors of the same closed. Meaning more addition of Psilocin would not make any difference because the receptors would not be available for them to act on.

At the moment not much is known about the tolerance of Psilocybin. The mechanism isn’t clear as there is not enough research on the matter. It is thought that the tolerance mechanism of Psilocybin might be similar to that of LSD since they act on the same Serotonin receptor.


How long does it take for the receptors to disengage from Psilocybin and get open to new agents? Well, no straightforward answer to it. It varies. From some studies, it takes about 4 -7 days for most individuals.

But it is not uncommon to find individuals who have a full experience after 48 hours. This is all about variation in the human population. There are also other reports of variation that do not tally with mainstream expectations. But there seems to be a puzzle. It is unclear if tachyphylaxis of psilocybin is a result of high dosage or small dosage use. This puzzle is a serious one when we take a clue from the famous microdose regimen prepared by Paul Stamets.

However, the prevalence of factors such as genetic hereditary, age, and some other factors may play a role in determining the Tolerance of Psilocybin. Of course, this factor is expected to play a role since these factors affect pharmacological agents generally. Irrespective of all variations it is widely believed that 4-7 days is a good window for tolerance level. We hold this as true while we wait for more research to be carried out on Psilocybin. We have hope for more as Psilocybin gains more mainstream research.

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Cross-tolerance is a phenomenon of drug use whereby a drug would cross and build up tolerance against other similar drugs of the same class.

 It has been found that Psilocybin builds up cross-tolerance against LSD. LSD is a psychedelic drug that acts on the same receptors as Psilocybin. The implication of this is that after taking Psilocybin or LSD the hallucinogenic effect of the Psilocybin will be reduced drastically even with higher doses of Psilocybin. However not every member of the psychedelic drug causes cross-tolerance. E.g DMT does not cause no one knows why. Also, the tolerance level of DMT is way lower than Psilocybin. In the same vein, Cannabis and other agents like MDMAs do not exhibit cross-tolerance. Even though they are serotonergic agents, and act on serotonin receptors just like Psilocybin but they have different mechanisms.

 And because it does not cause cross-tolerance, taking it a day after taking Psilocybin would not generate any effect

Cannabis on the other hand acts on the endocannabinoid system. This means taking it together with psilocybin mushrooms or maybe after and even before would not cause any effect.

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Aside from taking the harmful form of mushroom (Because there are mushrooms that are not edible and are dangerous) one of the most significant effects of Tolerance is overdosing with little show for it. This happens to newbies a lot but it can happen to the most experienced user too. This is because after taking Psilocybin, there is a latency period before the manifestation of the effect. This latency period may be delayed such that the user thinks the mushroom dose isn’t enough and hence takes more. This occurs often. It is believed that this delay in the manifestation of the effect of Psilocybin could be a result of 2 factors:

  • The species of mushroom involved
  • And probably because of the state of the stomach.  A full stomach is believed to delay the effect. And so the user takes more Psilocybin Mushrooms which at increased doses could have devastating effects on the body.

Another potential side effect is the development of hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD). It is regarded as a situation whereby the user experiences continuous aberration of vision due to the hallucinogenic effect of Psilocybin. This situation could alter normal visual perception. Although it is rare, it could happen. It is believed it affects roughly about 5% of users.

But you don’t have to worry about this effect if you follow a guide. There is a way to consume psychedelics responsibly. You can. Follow it and be safe. 

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Good knowledge of Psilocybin tolerance is crucial for you to have a good trip experience with Psilocybin mushrooms as it would help you prevent overdosing which could be fatal. You have got to follow strict rules to have a great psychedelic trip.


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